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Word-based translation fee

The fee for a translation project on the basis of the respective word count is established as follows:

  • Documents:
    The number of words contained in the document(s) to be translated is established using the integrated counting function of the respective word processing application. This number is then multiplied with the agreed fee per word.
  • Translation projects using CAT software:
    The word count is established using the analysis function of the respective CAT application (e.g. SDL or across). 
    If one or several translation memory archives (TMs) - including an analysis covering already translated words, fuzzy matches and words to be translated (no matches) - are provided, a fee calculation matrix will be applied.
  • Projects localized/translated using other tools:
    The word count is established using either the word count function of the respective tool, if applicable. Alternatively, if this is not possible, the content to be translated is analyzed with Microsoft Word, for instance.


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